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Realistic Vagina Panties

Realistic Vagina Panties

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Be the ULTIMATE woman with our new line of Ultra-Realistic “lady bottoms”! Made from s t r e t c h y, lifelike silicone, these prosthetics are made to fit like a glove and function like a real woman’s genitalia. Rounded butts and protruding labia, they will fit perfectly into any sexy panties and come with a catheter so you do not have to take it off to urinate! Available Options: vaginal canal for penetration, and hair. Read the sizing carefully.

Waist: 25.6’’ (66cm)
Hip: 33.5’’ (85cm)
Thigh circumference:19.2’’ (49cm)
Length: 11’’ (28cm)

Stretch Size: material can be stretched 2.0-2.5 times approx.

Colors options:

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