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  • Miki’s Story—Part XIV.

    The next month went well. I was taking my female hormone pills and getting weekly hormone shots. My body was changing, getting softer, my nipples were getting bigger and way more sensitive. Harold’s secretary had found me an understanding beauty salon and my hair was getting longer and more feminine looking. I hadnt had any new lovers and I needed one. I was horny and craved a cock to suck. I had driven around town, and while I got a lot of looks, no guys. Harold had been travelling so there were no visitors at the house.

    I decided I’d visit the local adult store, there had to be horny guys there. I dressed in a super short slutty dress, red in color, showing a lot of cleavage, since I was starting to have some. I put on a pair of 6 inch platform heels, like a hooker would wear.

    I drove to the adult store and got out, pulled my dress down and walked in. The guy at the counter asked if he could help me. I looked around, not many guys, so I told him I wanted to suck cock. He just looked at me, then pointed down the hall. He said there was one room with a glory hole. He said to go in and put my hand on the opening.

    I did as he said. This was a very clean place and a tv screen showing porn. I heard the door open in the next cubicle and then a nice hard cock appeared thru the opening. I stroked it a few times, then put my mouth over it thinking, this is what I need. I sucked until the cock filled my mouth with cum. The cock disappeared and as I was getting ready to leave, another hard cock came thru the hole. I sucked cock all afternoon, getting my fill of cum.

    As I left the stall, I was greeted by a hall full of guys, guys I had sucked. One of them asked if I would like to fuck. I asked if he cared that I wasnt really a woman? He said it didnt matter to him and asked if anyone else minded. No complainers, so the first guy led me down the hall to a large room with a bed in the middle.

    I took of my dress and panties, but kept on the garter belt, nylons, and stripper heels. The guy was naked by then and pushed me back on the bed, spread my legs and I helped his cock find my asshole. The room was full of horny guys, watching as the guy fucked me like a mania . It was great. When he finished, another guy mounted up, also fucking me and shooting his cum into me. I guess I fucked 20 guys but as I layed there, I noticed a cute young guy watching. I motioned him over but he just stood there. I asked his name and he said it was Billy. I told Billy I wanted him to eat me. He protested pointing out that it was my butt and it was full of cum. I licked my lips and reached down and ran my fingers over my wet opening, then licking my fingers. I again told Billy to eat me. The other guys grabbed illy and picked him up and carried him to my dripping asshole. They held him there and again, I told Billy to eat me. The guys pushed his face between my legs and I could feel his hot breath on my inner thighs. I reached down and pulled his face into my wetness, again telling him to eat me. He started licking sloy, but as he got to tasting my cum, he started licking faster and deeper. The guys let him go so they could watch and he continued eating me. His tongue was sliding deep into my ass, getting every drop of cum. I actually told him he could stop and he continued until I was clean.

    I told him I’d like to watch him suck a cock. He didnt offer much resistance and he was soon on his knees, sucking several of the hard cocks presented to him.

    Billy was small, like me, and very cute, blond hair and light completed with big blue eyes. I asked the guys if they thought I should teach Billy to be a slut like me. Billy’s eyes were wide open as I asked him if he wanted to be a slut like me? He just nodded his head, without uttering a word. I then told him it wss settled. He would be my bitch and do what he was told. He would suck cock and get fucked whenever i told him.

    Miki Daniels
  • Miki’s Story—Part XIII

    I liked my new place, although I did miss my porch and being able to go out there at night and enjoy the idea of being discovered. But my patio did overlook the river, not that there was anybody at night.

    The next morning, Harold called and said I could have the day to myself, since he was going out of town. I showered and went in to see what I wanted to wear. There was a black bikini, very skimpy but equally sexy. I put on the bikini and some black heels. I went out to the pool and stretched out on one of the lawn chairs. I spent a little too much time in the sun and got a little pink. When I took the bikini of, the skin underneath was my normal skin color, looking very erotic, showing my tan lines. I dont know why that excited me but I spent hour rubbing my little nipples and squeezing my pretend breasts.

    I didnt see Harold until the next afternoon when he called me to come to the big house. I was wearing sexy panties, heels and a see thru top. When I walked in, Harold looked at me funny and asked if I had been sunburned. I told him I had dozed off in the sun. He laughed and told me to be more careful.

    He went over plans for a party he had planned for the next weekend. He said he was leaving it up to me to decide what needed to be done. He said some were bringing wives, so I needed to use a little discretion but he did understand that some of the women were pretty wild. I told him that I’d be careful.

    Harold asked if I needed anything for the activities. I confessed that I was curious about female hormones and breast enhancement. He thought for a minute and then said if I was serious, he would arrange a doctors visit. He said he thought that some nice boobs would be fun. I left the room dancing and singing, “I’m getting new boobies, I’m getting new boobies.” I heard Harold chuckle.

    Harold had given me a list of guests and a brief biography of each. I studied those, trying to get an idea of who would play and who wouldnt. Most would, but the wives were hard to read.

    On Wednesday, I got a call from a doctor friend of Harold’s. I went to the appointment, dressed in a white blouse and black slacks, not too over the top. The doctor and his staff were very nice and very understanding. I was given a full physical, which was a little nerve racking, since I was without any body hair.

    Afterward, the doctor talked to me, explaining the procedures. He said he wanted to start with some hormone treatment to get my body more feminine, then follow up with breast implants. He asked if I was sure I wanted to do this, and I told him I was sure. He said the nurse would come in and give me an injection and a prescription. He did say that my sex drive might diminish. I thought, humm, I doubt it.

    Friday night, I dressed in my cute French maid outfit, did my makeup and put on my wig and heels. Harold had hired a bartender and 2 young guys to carry drinks. My job was to greet the guests and escort them into the house.

    The guests started arriving and I greeted them. I was getting some serious looks from the single guys and some admiring looks from the wives. The night went very well and all of the people seemed to be doing well. One guy was groping my ass when one of the women came over. She told the guy to knock it off, but I took his hand and put it back under my short dress. The woman looked at me and said that wasnt how a young girl should act. I whispered, “I’m not a just a regular girl”, and winked at her. I took her hand and put it under my dress on my panties, allowing her to feel my soft cock. But instead of being shocked, she cupped my cock and balls, gently rubbing them thru my panties. She yelled across the room, “Sharon, this pretty French maid is a boy”, and the other women came to check me out. The women had many questions, was I gay, did I have sex with men, was I going thru sex change surgery, and on and on.

    I told the basics of my story and how I had just started hormone therapy. One of the women asked what I liked about having sexy with men. I told the women that I just loved to suck cock and was pretty good at it. They were curious if I did anything else and giggled when I told them I liked to be fucked. One of the ladies asked if I ever let anybody watch and I told her it turned me on, a lot. She asked if they could watch me have sex, so they could watch. I looked around and told them it looked like all of the guys were busy with Harold. Another lady asked if I liked black guys? I said I did, why? She said there was a tall nice looking black guy parking cars. I said, “Really?” Two of the women said they’d go out and offer him a couple of hundred to come in and put on a show.

    The three came in and I saw this was my friend from the school and went over to give him a hug. He said hello and asked if these women were serious. I told him they were definitely interested in seeing us have sex together. He smiled and said he remembered the last 2 times I had sucked and fucked him. I said we should do the same as before. We went to the living room, along with the giggling women. We undressed, me down to my garter belt, nylons and high heels. I had to run out and do my K-Y treatment, but came right back. The black guy had his back to the women, so I stepped up beside him, so they could see my cute bottom next to his firm muscular butt.

    I turned him to face me and I reached over to lift his massive cock. The women were impressed as I head it. I stepped over and kissed my friend. One of the women uttered. “Damn, that’s sexy”. He held me close, then let me slide down to his big cock. I kissed it, then slipped my mouth over it. I heard the women excitedly discussing how huge the cock was and no way they could handle it. At that, I knew it was time to show them what I could do with this 12 inch cock.

    I slid the cock into my mouth, about half way and sucked on it. Then once I knew the women were excited, I pushed another couple of inches into my mouth. I then reached around to hold onto that sexy black ass and pulled him forward, almost to the hilt. He pulled back and I urged him to go deeper. He took the hint and started fucking my mouth. Just then, i noticed the guys had joined the women, watching my little sex show. My stud started fucking harder and harder before finally pulling my face to his body and began shooting cum into my mouth. I sucked cum out of his balls as the group watched. He slowly pulled out and i opened my mouth to show them the cum, then i closed my mouth and swallowed, then opened to prove i had eaten the huge load of cum.

    A blonde ladies asked if i could fuck him and i said i would if he wanted to, but he might need a hand or 2 to get in the mood. They took the hint and came forward and started touching probably the biggest cock they had ever seen.

    I noticed Harold overlooking what was happening and he smiled and gave me a thumbs up. Then, one of the women said, “Miki, we think hes ready.” I walked over and reached out for my guy’s cock and asked if he would please fuck me. He said, “Oh, get ready, I want your ass.”

    I turned one of the big leather chairs around and bent over the back, spreading my legs for my black lover. From this angle, everybody could see his huge cock as he fucked me with it. We fucked, and fucked, and fucked until he finally shuddered and I could feel another load of cum as it filled my ass. He finally pulled out and cum began seeping from me. The general opinion was that was HOT. I just smiled. I asked if anyone else wanted to put on a show. No answer. So I addressed the blonde lady and told her if she would fuck all of the guys, I would eat her pussy afterwards. She declined but said Maria might take me up on it. I looked at the pretty lady, definitely Hispanic, and asked her if she would. Her husband nudged her and said, “Honey, why dont you, I want to watch.” He helped his wife undress and she had a very sexy body. Clothes started coming off and soon she was being fucked by multiple cocks. The other women were busy with my black lover, cleaning his cock and stroking him as they did. I think they all took turns trying to suck him but none could take much.

    Finally, Maria was finished, or she thought she was. I told her she missed a guy and I brought my lover over to her. She didnt protest when he leaned her back in the chair, lifted her sexy legs up over his shoulders, and started teasing his huge dick into her. She was tight, but all of that cum made her extra slick. They fucked for about 15 minutes with everyone watching. One of the husbands had made his way over to me and I felt his hand slide between my butt cheeks and into my cum-filled ass. He finger banged me for a few minutes, then slipped his cock into my super juicy ass. At the same time, he reached his hand around to push his wet fingers into my mouth. I sucked the cum off his fingers as he fucked me.

    Soon, Maria was finished and the other women told me to eat her, to suck the cum out of their friend. I knelt between her legs and admired her wet pussy. I lowered my mouth to her pussy and began eating her out. She was really getting off to this, screaming and convulsing as my tongue tried to keep up with her. Soon, I had another guy inserting his cock into me. I found it very comfortable to have a cock fucking me while I ate a creamy pussy..

    Everyone started to get tired and we all collapsed on the couches. The lady sitting next to me slowly slipped her hand into my lap and she found my cock, she stroked me until I came, then realized he’d down between my legs and fingered my leaking ass. She told me I did a wonderful job and she learned a lot. She asked me if I thought that I could get my black friend to fuck her sometime. I told her I was sure I could accommodate her.

    When morning came, everyone got dressed and left. I was standing at the open door with Harold’s arm around my waste. He told me I really did well with his guests and they had come to some terrific business dealings. He said we were a great team. He went to his desk and pulled out his check book and began writing. He handed me a check for $200,000 and said he would pay for my new boobie. He told me to take a few days off. I told him it was too much money and tried to hand the check back but he wouldnt take it. He said he had enty as was going to make a lot more. But I told him I was just having fun. He said he could tell, now, take the damn check. I did what he said. I was liking this job.

    Miki Daniels
  • Miki’s Story—Part XII

    As I drove my new Corvette thru town, I had to wonder what was next in my life. I guess there was no hurry, as my new boss obviously had plans for me. As I drove. I found my cock hardening with the many thoughts rushing around in my head.

    It was late and not much was going on in town. I saw Tom’s van at the regular spot and thought I’d stop and see if I could find some cock. I pulled in next to Tom’s van and got out. Tom was there along with a couple of friends. Tom greeted me with a big hug. He then told me he heard some sexy stories about me at the college. He laughed and I asked if they were good. He said they were, especially about fucking over a hundred guys. I blushed and told him I was having fun, that’s all.

    I told Tom and his friends that I was horny and hoping to suck some cock. They all agreed. I sat down in the Van’s rear door opening and pulled Tom close, pulled down his pants and watched his cock spring to life. Tom really did have a nice cock. I slid it into my mouth and pulled Tom closer, indicating I wanted him to fuck my mouth. He complied and was soon fucking my face. I liked it when guys did that. Tom kept thrusting deeper, not realizing I could take it all. Then he came, filling my mouth with his cum. He pulled out and I opened my mouth to show Tom and his friends the cum rolling around on my tongue. Then I seductively swallowed the sperm.

    The other guys wasted no time in presenting their cocks to me. I hungrily satisfied each of them. After finishing, Tom asked who the Corvette belonged to. I told him it was mine, which he had a hard time believing. I assured him it was mine and i told him i was working in town. I didnt give him a lot of information, just that I’d be around.

    As we we talking, a couple of girls pulled up and got out to talk to the boys. One of them looked at me and said she had seen me at the college. She said i was awesome and she found it very exciting when i fucked the big black cock. She said she came while watching, it was hot. Tom asked, " a black cock? How big? The girl said it was huge, maybe 14 inches long. I corrected her to tell Tom it was only 12 inches. Tom laughed and said that must have been hot.

    The other girl told him what was really hot was when the guys collected all of their cum and i drank it. I just smiled and told them i liked cum.

    I drove back to my new place thinking about Harold had said about if i needed anything, i just needed to ask. I had been thinking about it for a long time, i needed boobies. Yes, that’s what i needed. I’d ask Harold if he would help me get some. I masturbated again as i pulled into the driveway.

    This was going to be fun. I wanted to be the best slut possible.

    Miki Daniels
  • Miki’s Story—Part XI

    The next morning, I packed my belongings into a few boxes and put them into my old truck. I dropped a note in my landlord’s mailbox thanking them for renting to me. I had decided since my new boss had been so disappointed at seeing me in my male clothes, I’d show up as cute and feminine as I could. I wore all white lingerie, including some white thigh highs and white 4 inch heels, along with a pretty pink mini dress. I also wore my sexy dark brown wig. Ok, I was ready for the world.

    I walked back around the house to my truck, planning on leaving for my last time. As I rounded the corner, there was the cute teachers boyfriend, leaning on his car, looking back up the drive. He turned to see me, and seemed to be speechless. I said, “Hi,” and he muttered a quiet Hi back. He then said,“You’re the guy from upstairs?” I told him I was and all he could say was, Damn. He said his girlfriend said I was the prettiest boy she had ever seen. He said, " You are the prettiest human being I have ever seen." I blushed at that. This guy was sweet. I asked why he was waiting and he said he had a lunch date with his teacher friend, but he was an hour early. He thanked me for stopping and introducing myself. As we stood and talked, I could see him stealing glances everytime I turned or bent over. He asked me about why I started crossdressing and I told him my story, or at least some of it. I told him about dressing for my best friend and doing my first blowjob. He surprisingly said that he wished he had had a friend like me when he was young.

    I asked him if he’d like to see what he missed? He said, what do you mean? I told him if he wanted to follow me to the little secluded garden in the rear of the apartments, I would show him. I took his hand and led him around the corner. I pushed him up against the wall and eased his pants down. He had an immediate hard on. His cock had a large mushroom head, like I liked. I sat down at the picnic table and pulled him to me. I slipped my mouth over his cock and gave him a nice, long wet blowjob. He tried to pull out as he was about to cum but I took his cock out of my mouth and told him I loved cum. Then I slipped his cock back to my mouth and made him cum. Mmmm, he tasted good. When I had finished, I asked him if his teacher friend sucked cock like that. He said, not really, and we both laughed. He then said he better get to the parking lot. As we walked around to the lot, the teacher was just getting out of her car. She said, “Dont you look pretty today.” I thanked her and she asked what we were doing around the house. I smiled at her and quietly told her I had been giving him the best blowjob he had ever had. She looked at me and then at him, and said, “Yeah, right.” I told her I was showing him the garden area, and that I was moving. She asked if I was moving in with the little brunette and I told her that we broke up. The teacher said I should stop by if I was ever out that way. I told her I liked her boyfriend, he was sweet. I didnt bother to tell her I loved sucking his cock or that I liked eating his cum.

    I got in my truck and backed out, waving at the two cuties. I drove thru town and out to the big house. I parked next to a new white Corvette, wondering who was there. I carried my two small boxes to the front door and knocked. Harold opened the door for me and said, " That’s more like it. You look fantastic. I took the opportunity to pick out a car more suited to your new position. What did you think?" I looked at him in disbelief and asked, “The Corvette?” He just smiled and said if I didnt like it, I could get something else. I gave him a big hug and he told me to go out and give the salesman the keys to my old truck. I did as he said and watched my old rig make it’s way out to the road and disappear.

    I went back inside and Harold asked if I was ready to start work? He said I could take my things to the bungalow and settle in. He said one of his secretaries had picked up my uniforms and other necessities and layed out one in my room.

    I was eager to see what my new boss expected of me. On my bed was a complete French maids outfit. Fantastic!! I always had a fascination for those short black dresses, the white petticoats, little white lace aprons.

    I quickly undressed and put on my first French maid outfit. There was a short sexy wig with a lace band on the top. As I looked in the mirror, all I could think was that I made a sexy maid. I walked over to the big house.

    Harold had me model my outfit for him and said he was very happy with it. He asked if I had any reservations about the job and I told him that as long as he let me know what he expected, I was good with it. He said he was expecting e close friends for a meeting in a few minutes. He said they were used to getting what they wanted, so i should go along as i saw fit. He said, dont be afraid to say “No.”

    I was to bring drinks and basicly be eye candy. I asked if they knew i wasnt really a girl? He said, “Not yet”, and laughed. The door bell rang and Harold asked if i would greet his guests. I went to the door, opened it and directed the men to Harold. All three looked at me as they went by, one of them uttering something about Harold always having the most beautiful girls working for him.

    I went to the bar and waited for the guys to order their drinks. After ordering, they went back to the boardroom to discuss whatever rich guys discuss. I just puttered around the bar, bending over to show my panties, smiling at them when they looked at me. They finally came to some kind of positive agreement. Harold called out, “Miki, can you bring us some brandy?”

    I took them the brandy and asked if they needed a thing else. I heard one of them mutter, “A blowjob would be nice.” I walked over to him, smiled at Harold, and asked Harold if he minded, as I motioned Richard, to join me on the deck. Harold said ,“No, of course not.” I escorted Richard outside. I ran my hands up his chest and onto his shoulders, then I knelt down in front of him and pulled out his cock. He apparently was a little frightened by what was going on and his cock had not started to get hard. I could fix that. The other men were standing behind the glass watching. I kissed Richard’s cock and it started to respond. I took his soft cock into my mouth and then eased his balls in with his cock. That did it. He began to harden and I began to suck him. I looked over at Harold and he looked like a proud Papa. I sucked Richard until he finally came. I then stood up and asked if anybody else needed to have their cock sucked? Not so surprising, both guys said sure. I sucked both of them to fantastic orgasms. When we came in, Harold said I certainly deserved a bonus. I smiled at him and told him it was part of the job and I enjoyed servicing his friends.

    I escorted the men to the door and I think all three managed to cop a feel of my ass as they left. I came back in and Harold handed me a check for $10,000. I protested but Harold said I earned it. He said during their meeting, the guys were so interested in what I was doing, they agreed to everything. He said he was going to make over a million dollars on that agreement , and he thanked me again.

    I took my bonus out to my little place, thinking that I was going to love this job. I changed out of my uniform, into cutoffs peasant top, and high heels and walked out to my new Corvette. The paperwork was in my name and there was an insurance coverage letter there too. I started the car up, thinking, “Boy, this is way better than a 1959 Dodge truck.”

    My life had really changed.

    Miki Daniels
  • Miki’s Story—Part X

    When I got home, I tried to call my parents but they wouldnt answer. I kept calling until my Mom finally answered. When I tried to explain, she wouldnt listen. She said I had no place in their lives and to never contact them again, ever. She said I was not part of their family and leave them alone.

    I was devastated, lost, and unsure what I would do. I continued to dress up, but rarely went out. Tina was apparently finished with me. I was at my lowest low. The money my parents had been sending disappeared and I knew I needed a job.

    Then one day, I got a call from an older guy, asking if I was looking for a job. I asked what kind of a job. He said it was completely legal and he was sure someone with my skills could handle it. My skills? I didnt know this man.

    He gave me a time and an address and thanked me for my time. He seemed nice and I did need a job. What would it hurt. I decided I’d check it out.

    The next day, I put on my best boy clothes and drove my old truck to the address he had given me. It was a huge house on a hill overlooking the river. I knocked on the front door and it was opened by a distinguished looking gentleman. He looked a little disappointed as he welcomed me into his house.

    I asked him what was wrong. He confided to me that he had been at the college in the audience and had expected that I would be dressed as a girl. I guess I smiled and blushed as I thought about it. I told him I had been dressed in sexy feminine things right before I came out. He asked why I changed and I told him I thought I was here about a job. He laughed and said, “You are.”

    He started telling me how he had heard stories about me and had gone to the college to see if they were right, and he said he was amazed by both my beauty as a woman, but also by my skills to please men. He said he had never dreamed there was anyone that could suck and fuck like I had. He said that recent surgery for cancer had left him unable to perform sexually, he still got gratification from watching me.

    He went on to say that he had lost his wife a few years earlier and his son had died in a motorcycle accident, so there was no family. He said that when my parents walked away from me after witnessing my homosexual activities, he said he had to reach out. I thanked him.

    I asked about the job and he said he needed a hostess, somebody that was willing to do whatever was needed to make his business partners happy. He asked if I could do that and I told him I was good at following orders. He laughed and said he had seen that at the school.

    He said his name was Harold Footh and he ran several businesses. He said that he would prefer that I live on site and be available for special occasions. I would have a bungalow for myself but also the full run of the house and pool area. Anything I needed, he would take care of. Then he asked, “Want the job? I think you will be very happy here. Come on, work for me.”

    I told him I would be happy to take the job. He handed me a clipboard and asked me to write down my sizes and any special things I might need. I filled it out, noting all of my girl sizes. He looked it over and said fine. He walked me out to my truck and as I got in, he said the truck wasnt going to cut it. He said he would get me more suitable transportation when I came back to start my new job the next day. I told him he didnt have to do that but he said it would be his pleasure. He then had one request before he let me go. I said OK? I asked him what that was and he quietly said that if it was OK, he’d like to have my permission to watch me have sex with my special friends. I leaned out of the truck and hugged him, telling him I’d be honored for him to watch.

    I drove home, my mind whirling about what had just happened. I went to packing my few items. I felt the need to put on some sexy things. I took all of my boy clothes and boxed them separately. I put on my sexy white lace crotchless panties, white cutoffs, a pale pink long sleeved peasant top and my pink platform heels. I took my boy clothes and drove to Goodwill and gave them away. I was done with boy clothes.

    I drove out to see my shoe salesman. I needed to be fucked. I walked into the mall, confident in my new female role. I walked into the shoe store and my salesman was busy flirting with a couple of 20-something girls. I walked over and as they watched, I gave him the most erotic kiss I could. As I did, my hand found his cock in his slacks and I rubbed it to full erection. I looked at the 2 women and told them I was going to suck his cock and then he was going to fuck me. I asked if they wanted to watch. They looked at each other, then agreed they would like to watch. The salesman locked the door and the 4 of us walked into the back.

    Once there, I stripped the surprised salesman completely naked and kissed his lips, his neck, his nipples, then knelt in front of his hard cock. I looked over at the 2 women as I took his cock into my mouth. I slowly sucked it, each time letting his hard dick slide further into my mouth, until his balls were against my chin. I left it right there and let my mouth massage his cock as I continued to alternate between soft sucking and harder sucking. My salesman suddenly grabbed the sides of my head and yelled out he was coming, which he did. I co tinued sucking his cum out of his balls, finally releasing him.

    One of the women said she had never seen anyone deepthroat a cock like that. And the other asked how I made him cum without moving, just by sucking. I just smiled at them. I asked if they wanted to try his cock and one knelt down beside me. I held his cock to her lips and said, “suck it, slut.” She did and he was soon hard. I thanked her and told her I needed to borrow the cock for a few minutes. I backed my ass into his hard cock and told him I needed him to fuck me. I spread my legs, grabbed the back of a chair and felt his cock enter my eager ass. I loved the feeling of being fucked in the ass, the feeling of having these 2 women watching.

    Just then, the curtain suddenly pulled open. It was the salesman’s wife, bringing him lunch. Her sudden surprise arrival led him to suddenly cumming as she watched. She said, “So this is you secret lover, the one you talk in your sleep about? Shes a fucking guy, you asshole.” Then she walked out. The 2 women just giggled, I guess happy they weren’t yelled at. I turned, kissed the poor guy on the lips and told him I’d be back.

    Miki Daniels

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