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Hey man! you are not alone...
All of us love wearing women's clothes!
If you interested to share with us your experience of your cross-dressing life or you have a nice story that you think we would love to read, here is your opportunity to share it with thousands of people! Just leave your story in the comments below and we promise to publish it in the blog! You can add some details about yourself to meet crossdressers in your area (such as state, city, email etc) or to stay anonymous.

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OMG. I get hit on in a bar. Turns out its a TV club or something. He was really cute. He said a lot of guys dress up on Thursdays sinse they have TV and CD open mic night here.


Hi 34, Latin here. I started wearing women’s panties first. When my girlfriend at the time broke up with me she left our apartment. One day I was super hi and horny, I put her panties on, next her bra, then skirt , then long socks and shirt . I felt so good , if have old men come over and I’d dress and jerk them off, one day I tried dressing and let a guy piss all over me, I was in love with that euphoria. From Wisconsin here , love to meet someone who can dress me up , I want to try make up and all, and let your piss flow all over my body

Pretty pee girl (

I am a 58 yo sissy submissive crossdresser I live in Lakeland fl.I love sex bjs and anal with shemales men and other crossdressers I have been done this for many years now and I love it The more sex I have the more I want. I love who I am and what I am I a very sissy crossdresser I go out to gay bars. Regular bars shopping I buy only women’s clothes now I still get that look and the laughs but it makes me want to dress even more now I use to cry but no more I let it im power me to be a better crossdresser and feel a lot more feminine I have friends who are straight gay crossdresser and shemales that help me be who I really am. They tell I am more feminine than most crossdressers and they love it to i love having sex with well hung black men last longer and lots more yummy cum for both holes if u know what I yes I am a sissy very submissive crossdresser to all my sisters dress on love you fem name is Cassie

Scott Harsh (

I am 68 yo submissive very oral non passable crossdresser. I live in central Florida near Daytona Beach. I would like to meet other CD’s for fun time.


Jackie (

I am a older crossdresser from Lakeland Florida I have been dressing up for years and I love it not going to stop anytime soon I love to go out and shopping clubs or for a drive I dress to go just about every where I love when men hit on me and I had a couple women hit on me to not so fun I have crossdresser friends and real women friends and men to and yes I had sex with other crossdresser and real women and men I love them all I love being feminine it’s who I really am to my sister’s out there dress on my email is love ya all

Cassie Harsh

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