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Hey man! you are not alone...
All of us love wearing women's clothes!
If you interested to share with us your experience of your cross-dressing life or you have a nice story that you think we would love to read, here is your opportunity to share it with thousands of people! Just leave your story in the comments below and we promise to publish it in the blog! You can add some details about yourself to meet crossdressers in your area (such as state, city, email etc) or to stay anonymous.

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I’ve been dressing 4 over 25 yrs and love the experience of the feel of being just so feminine and sometimes slutty like I’ve been know 2 b ive been out on the boulevard selling my wares and love the experience of a nice big fat cock going into either my luscious lips or into my pussy being bent over and spanked at the same time. Sometimes I love getting punched in the kidney which tightens up my love hole for my lover. If u r out there and want to dress up and go either out with me to where ever we can most certainly do so just reach me at my email And I’ll get at u or reach me on my number 626 255 6852. Please respect the times that u call for i work and get up At 5am and work from 9 2 6 so reach me on the way 2 work of after please, or on the weekend thank u girls, t-girls, crossdressers, or what ever u want to identify as. Me I’m a bisexual cross dressing drag queen that loves cock more than pussy. I just love the feel of satin on my body caressing a large member and kicking all of the cum out of the bulging member. U want to dress I go all the way in dressing. Hair, nails, eyelashes, boobs and ticking my little cock between my tail and strut my stuff in 6 inch heels garter belt hosiery skimpy dress and all the make up I need. Lets paint the town red some might.

Allen "Alyshia" Lee

Yes it is imaginatively worth the most sexy things I’ve never had before I have to be aimed at the middle point of expressing the intricate features and erotic glamour of the girls concepts that I want to become with somebody that’s same level to share as we go and pastime the exploring and erotic benefits to be able to make a memory of the whole experience if this can excite you and try my personal info please respond in the next few weeks I’d love to try and want to become with a few good partnership between us if this is you can see a bit more than the usual and I have been missing out on a secretive fantasy desired experience to completely forfil the most sexy things I’ve never had a want to become a tgirl porn industry performing model by knowingly providing management update to when and where I can be used in web site and pictures films and erotic advertisements with whatever you and I think we should hook up I’m a bit shy and I have been missing out on a secretive fantasy desired experience to completely forfil the most sexy things I’ve 4th me in the adult industry p to try and call me soon as you wish text now # is509-315-5671 and I have exiting ideas for the place I’ve never been allowed by public eye to experience

I so want to get dressed!


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