Part 12

As I drove my new Corvette thru town, I had to wonder what was next in my life. I guess there was no hurry, as my new boss obviously had plans for me. As I drove. I found my cock hardening with the many thoughts rushing around in my head.

It was late and not much was going on in town. I saw Tom’s van at the regular spot and thought I’d stop and see if I could find some cock. I pulled in next to Tom’s van and got out. Tom was there along with a couple of friends. Tom greeted me with a big hug. He then told me he heard some sexy stories about me at the college. He laughed and I asked if they were good. He said they were, especially about fucking over a hundred guys. I blushed and told him I was having fun, that’s all.

I told Tom and his friends that I was horny and hoping to suck some cock. They all agreed. I sat down in the Van’s rear door opening and pulled Tom close, pulled down his pants and watched his cock spring to life. Tom really did have a nice cock. I slid it into my mouth and pulled Tom closer, indicating I wanted him to fuck my mouth. He complied and was soon fucking my face. I liked it when guys did that. Tom kept thrusting deeper, not realizing I could take it all. Then he came, filling my mouth with his cum. He pulled out and I opened my mouth to show Tom and his friends the cum rolling around on my tongue. Then I seductively swallowed the sperm.

The other guys wasted no time in presenting their cocks to me. I hungrily satisfied each of them. After finishing, Tom asked who the Corvette belonged to. I told him it was mine, which he had a hard time believing. I assured him it was mine and i told him i was working in town. I didnt give him a lot of information, just that I’d be around.

As we we talking, a couple of girls pulled up and got out to talk to the boys. One of them looked at me and said she had seen me at the college. She said i was awesome and she found it very exciting when i fucked the big black cock. She said she came while watching, it was hot. Tom asked, " a black cock? How big? The girl said it was huge, maybe 14 inches long. I corrected her to tell Tom it was only 12 inches. Tom laughed and said that must have been hot.

The other girl told him what was really hot was when the guys collected all of their cum and i drank it. I just smiled and told them i liked cum.

I drove back to my new place thinking about Harold had said about if i needed anything, i just needed to ask. I had been thinking about it for a long time, i needed boobies. Yes, that’s what i needed. I’d ask Harold if he would help me get some. I masturbated again as i pulled into the driveway.

This was going to be fun. I wanted to be the best slut possible.

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