Part 10

When I got home, I tried to call my parents but they wouldnt answer. I kept calling until my Mom finally answered. When I tried to explain, she wouldnt listen. She said I had no place in their lives and to never contact them again, ever. She said I was not part of their family and leave them alone.

I was devastated, lost, and unsure what I would do. I continued to dress up, but rarely went out. Tina was apparently finished with me. I was at my lowest low. The money my parents had been sending disappeared and I knew I needed a job.

Then one day, I got a call from an older guy, asking if I was looking for a job. I asked what kind of a job. He said it was completely legal and he was sure someone with my skills could handle it. My skills? I didnt know this man.

He gave me a time and an address and thanked me for my time. He seemed nice and I did need a job. What would it hurt. I decided I’d check it out.

The next day, I put on my best boy clothes and drove my old truck to the address he had given me. It was a huge house on a hill overlooking the river. I knocked on the front door and it was opened by a distinguished looking gentleman. He looked a little disappointed as he welcomed me into his house.

I asked him what was wrong. He confided to me that he had been at the college in the audience and had expected that I would be dressed as a girl. I guess I smiled and blushed as I thought about it. I told him I had been dressed in sexy feminine things right before I came out. He asked why I changed and I told him I thought I was here about a job. He laughed and said, “You are.”

He started telling me how he had heard stories about me and had gone to the college to see if they were right, and he said he was amazed by both my beauty as a woman, but also by my skills to please men. He said he had never dreamed there was anyone that could suck and fuck like I had. He said that recent surgery for cancer had left him unable to perform sexually, he still got gratification from watching me.

He went on to say that he had lost his wife a few years earlier and his son had died in a motorcycle accident, so there was no family. He said that when my parents walked away from me after witnessing my homosexual activities, he said he had to reach out. I thanked him.

I asked about the job and he said he needed a hostess, somebody that was willing to do whatever was needed to make his business partners happy. He asked if I could do that and I told him I was good at following orders. He laughed and said he had seen that at the school.

He said his name was Harold Footh and he ran several businesses. He said that he would prefer that I live on site and be available for special occasions. I would have a bungalow for myself but also the full run of the house and pool area. Anything I needed, he would take care of. Then he asked, “Want the job? I think you will be very happy here. Come on, work for me.”

I told him I would be happy to take the job. He handed me a clipboard and asked me to write down my sizes and any special things I might need. I filled it out, noting all of my girl sizes. He looked it over and said fine. He walked me out to my truck and as I got in, he said the truck wasnt going to cut it. He said he would get me more suitable transportation when I came back to start my new job the next day. I told him he didnt have to do that but he said it would be his pleasure. He then had one request before he let me go. I said OK? I asked him what that was and he quietly said that if it was OK, he’d like to have my permission to watch me have sex with my special friends. I leaned out of the truck and hugged him, telling him I’d be honored for him to watch.

I drove home, my mind whirling about what had just happened. I went to packing my few items. I felt the need to put on some sexy things. I took all of my boy clothes and boxed them separately. I put on my sexy white lace crotchless panties, white cutoffs, a pale pink long sleeved peasant top and my pink platform heels. I took my boy clothes and drove to Goodwill and gave them away. I was done with boy clothes.

I drove out to see my shoe salesman. I needed to be fucked. I walked into the mall, confident in my new female role. I walked into the shoe store and my salesman was busy flirting with a couple of 20-something girls. I walked over and as they watched, I gave him the most erotic kiss I could. As I did, my hand found his cock in his slacks and I rubbed it to full erection. I looked at the 2 women and told them I was going to suck his cock and then he was going to fuck me. I asked if they wanted to watch. They looked at each other, then agreed they would like to watch. The salesman locked the door and the 4 of us walked into the back.

Once there, I stripped the surprised salesman completely naked and kissed his lips, his neck, his nipples, then knelt in front of his hard cock. I looked over at the 2 women as I took his cock into my mouth. I slowly sucked it, each time letting his hard dick slide further into my mouth, until his balls were against my chin. I left it right there and let my mouth massage his cock as I continued to alternate between soft sucking and harder sucking. My salesman suddenly grabbed the sides of my head and yelled out he was coming, which he did. I co tinued sucking his cum out of his balls, finally releasing him.

One of the women said she had never seen anyone deepthroat a cock like that. And the other asked how I made him cum without moving, just by sucking. I just smiled at them. I asked if they wanted to try his cock and one knelt down beside me. I held his cock to her lips and said, “suck it, slut.” She did and he was soon hard. I thanked her and told her I needed to borrow the cock for a few minutes. I backed my ass into his hard cock and told him I needed him to fuck me. I spread my legs, grabbed the back of a chair and felt his cock enter my eager ass. I loved the feeling of being fucked in the ass, the feeling of having these 2 women watching.

Just then, the curtain suddenly pulled open. It was the salesman’s wife, bringing him lunch. Her sudden surprise arrival led him to suddenly cumming as she watched. She said, “So this is you secret lover, the one you talk in your sleep about? Shes a fucking guy, you asshole.” Then she walked out. The 2 women just giggled, I guess happy they weren’t yelled at. I turned, kissed the poor guy on the lips and told him I’d be back.

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