Part 8

I woke up the next morning, laying there trying to remember everything from the previous day. It was like a dream, but I knew it wasnt. I tried to think of a good reason why I would have fucked and sucked so many guys. I couldnt. I guess my only reason was to please Tina.

I managed to pull the big vibrator out of my bottom, its batteries completely dead. I went in to shower and as I stood there, I spread my legs and let the cum drain from my body. I couldnt believe how much there was. I finished my shower and decided I better take a few days off from my recent activities.

In the afternoon, I got a call from Tina, checking on me. She asked if she could come over and I agreed. I dressed in a dark green babydoll nightie with matching panties. Tina showed up, wearing a cute top and Levi cutoffs, not her usual attire.

She had a large folder and she asked me if I wanted to see something cool. I said sure. She pulled out a stack of photos that she had enlarged from the day before. She eagerly showed me one of me on my back, with long lines waiting to fuck or be sucked. My cock twitched as i looked at the photo. She continued to go thru them. I guess my favorite was the one with the big black guy fucking me while Tina had been feeding me cum directly from her pussy. The final one was me holding the big brandy glass, drinking all that cum. Wow!

Tina said she had gotten a call from a friend at the college and she had been told how much the guys enjoyed it and wanted to know if we wanted to come back up. Tina asked me what I thought and I told her that I would if she wanted to. She told me that she had been extremely turned on watching me. She said she never dreamed anyone could do what I did. She said for her, watching me drink a quart of cum was hot. She asked if I would do it again and I told her I would.

Tina then stripped naked and pulled my panties off. She layed back and pulled me on top of her. She put her lips to mine and kissed me. We kissed and our tongues touched and Tina pushed me down between her legs and she ordered me to eat her. I spread her legs and my tongue pushed deeply into her velvety pussy. She pulled me up and her hand grasped my cock and guided it into her. We fucked for a while and I eventually came. Tina again pushed me down to her pussy and told me to eat her. I liked this girl. We layed together and talked. I told her my whole story, about my Mom and Dad telling friends I was supposed to be their daughter. She asked what they would think if they saw me fucking the huge black cock. I told her they wouldnt like it.

After Tina left, I didnt see or hear from her the rest of the week. By the weekend, I was getting really horny. I decided that I should go back and thank the shoe salesman and see if he had any more treasures. I dressed in all black lingerie and lit on the black velvet mini dress. I did my makeup and slipped into my long dark brown wig and black heels.

I drove to the mall and proudly walked to his store. He was with a customer and didnt pay too much attention. I went to the end of the store and watched him in the mirror until the lady left. I turned around and approached him. He didnt seem to recognize me until I asked if he remembered me. He blushed and said hi. I told him i said i was coming back. He thanked me and told me i was really sexy as a woman. I smiled at him and bent forward to get a gentle kiss.

He said he was glad i came back because he had boxed up the rest of the erotic clothes from the rear of the store. We stepped to the rear of the store and once behind the curtain, i lifted the back of my dress and asked if he thought i had a sexy bottom. He said it was fantastic as his hands started feeling my soft skin.

I knelt down and eased his cock out, and started sucking him again. I got him to quickly cum. I told him I wanted his cock in my ass and wanted to feel him cum in there. He started getting hard, so I pulled him out into the store. I bent over the counter and begged him to fuck me. He was a little nervous because we could see people walking past but he slid his cock into me. He whispered into my ear that my ass was so tight. His pace picked up and he began to fuck me faster and faster, his balls slamming into mine. Just then, a woman walked into the front door, took one look and backed out, obviously not comfortable with what she saw. My salesman came at that point and continued standing behind me with his cock draining his cum into me. I kissed him again and we collected the 2 boxes and he helped me carry them to my truck. At the truck, I secretly reached between my legs and ran 2 fingers into my as, covering them with his cum. I kissed him again and as I thanked him, I slid the 2 wet fingers into his mouth. I asked if I could come back. He just nodded.

I drove back home, happy with my day’s accomplishments.

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