Part 7

After my visit to the shoe story, I made it home without any problems. Of course, I still had to make it around my apartment without being caught. Stepping out of my truck, I had to look down at my new high heels and admire my sexy legs.

I went into my place and layed everything out just to see what the salesman had given me. I had taken off my top and my cutoffs and was wearing just the heels and the white lacy crotchless panties. I rubbed my flat chest and massaged my small nipples, feeling so sexy.

I sorted my new lingerie, finding a sexy light pink crotchless teddy with attached garters and some light pink thigh high nylons, not normally my color, but they matched the new shoes.

I then had the urge to step outside on the porch, in broad daylight, dressed as I was. I really didnt care who saw me. I was walking around, enjoying the coolness of the air and the freedom to be myself, when a male voice said, “Nice legs”. It was my mailman, a guy in his 60s. Since he had already seen me, I decided I would talk with him. I asked if he liked my new shoes, and he did. After a few minutes, I asked him if he wanted to see me do something kinky. He said sure, so, with traffic going by, I started massaging my cock and in a few minutes, shot a load of cum into my favorite flowerbed. He laughed and continued on his route.

I went inside and got cleaned up for the evening fun with Tina. I dressed in the pink teddy, slipped on the nylons, then my new shoes. I fixed my makeup, being careful not to go over the top and retain some of my boyish looks.

Tina showed up at 5:30 and I let her in. I modeled my new shoes and my new lingerie. She said I looked perfect. She was wearing her normal black trenchcoat over her leather dometrix lingerie. She handed me a light pink trenchcoat, like hers, only shorter. I put it on and i was ready for whatever she wanted to do. Before leaving, she asked if she could borrow my big vibrator, so i gave it to her.

We walked down stairs and discovered the teacher sitting on her porch. She asked, “Where are you 2 cute girls going tonight?” I blushed as Tina pulled out the vibrator and showed her, telling her we had big plans. She took th he vibrator and slid it between my butt cheeks and as we talked, my cock got hard and poked out of my short coat. The teacher said i should get that in out of the cold and Tina gently grabbed it and led me to her car.

I asked where we were going. She asked if i had ever been to the boys dorm at the college. She said there were 300 horny guys there and i might be able to get together with 20 or so. We parked in the lot and got out of the car. Tina told me to leave the coat there.

As we headed to the auditorium, we picked up a large group of guys playing softball and they followed us. I just smiled at them, trying to be sexy. Once inside, Tina led me up on the stage. She then addressed the group and asked if any of them wanted to see her with her faggot sissy, pointing at me. She said, “He sucks and fucks, if you’re interested.”

She told me to bend over a chair and spread my legs. I did as told and she slipped out of her coat, showing the crowd her sexy outfit. She took out a large brandy glass and told them that she would like to see it full of cum by the time she left. It disappeared into the seats. She then slid the huge vibrator into my ass, causing me to sigh deeply. She then fucked me with it while the guys watched.

She had me lay on a piano bench, on my back. Tina told them to step up and try her sissy. Two lines formed and i had guys fucking my mouth and my butt. It was nice to have the guys match their rhythm and fuck at the same time. I imagined their cocks touching deep inside, even though i knew it wasnt possible. I fucked and sucked for a long time, losing track of how many. Tina was leaning over the chair, taking several cocks into her pussy. It looked great.

Finally, when everyone was done, she asked if the 4 black basketball players were in and one guy said he’d go check. A few minutes later, 4 tall black guys walked in. Tina said hi to them, obviously knowing them. She told them she had brought a new faggot for them to fuck. They quickly stripped down, showing their cocks, one about 7 inches, 2 that were 8 inches, and the last that had a good 10 inches soft. One stepped up and noted to the others, "This faggot is full of cum, i think I’ll add my load to it. The audience cheered. The big guy stepped up to my face, still on my back. He told me to suck his dick. I opened my mouth and let him put his cock in. He began to get hard and told me to get ready for the biggest cock I had ever had. It was huge as it came to full erection and he forced it deep into my mouth. He pulled it out and shoved it in again. The guy fucking my ass came and was replaced by one of the others. The audience was going crazy as the black guys fucked me. The big guy pulled out and said he was ready to cum. I looked up and told him I wanted to eat his cum. He just looked at me, slid his cock in and came to a shuddering climax. I continued to suck, trying to suck his cum right out of his balls.

I looked at Tina and she smiled. She asked the audience if they wanted to watch me eat her cum-filled pussy while I got 12 inches of black cock up my ass. They cheered as the big guy lifted my legs up onto his shoulders a slid his huge cock into me. Tina stepped up over my mouth and dropped her juicy pussy onto my mouth. I was trying to eat all of the cum as it streamed out of her pussy. As the crowd yelled and whistled, the big guy suddenly came in my ass. Tima stepped away, I guess satisfied I had did a good job cleaning her.

She pulled me to my feet and while holding my wrist in the air, she asked if her faggot sissy had put on a good show, they cheered again. Then one of the guys stepped up on the stage, carrying the big brandy glass, about 3/4 full of cum. Tina held it up and told them they had done a great job. She then asked what she should do with it. Somebody yelled,“Make the faggot drink it”, and the group yelled out for me to drink it.

Tina handed me the big glass and said, “You heard them, bitch. Drink it. Drink all of the delicious cum and dont waste a drop.” I just looked at the glass of cum, then, put it to my lips and began to drink it. I could hear guys saying shit like that’s disgusting, gross, and a few other rather negative things. But, secretly, I wanted to drink it, to swallow the cum from all of these young guys. As I drank it, gulping it down hungrily, Tina’s hand took my cock and started stroking me. She told the guys that I obviously was the best cum but she ever had. As I emptied the glass of cum, I came in Tina’s hand. She brought it up to my lips and I started licking my cum off her fingers. I could feel cum running down my inner legs and Tina put my vibrator against my asshole , turned it on, and shoved it all the way in.

As we left, guys were telling Tina to bring me back. She said she would. Somebody handed her some pictures of me being fucked by the big black cock. She told him she might send them to my Mom if I ever disobeyed. I was her bitch, her fuck toy, her cum-slut. And I liked it.

On the way home, she asked if I had had a good time and I told her I had. I told her I had sure fucked and sucked a lot of guys. She said, “Yes you did, 112 guys by her count.” That was a lot.

I got home and went straight to bed, not even taking off my high heels. The vibrator was still buzzing away and every once in a while, I would cum. I licked my lips and tasted remnants of all that cum. I fell asleep, happy.

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