Part 6

The next day, I got up and showered, shaved, put on some eyeliner, mascara, a tiny bit of pink eyeshadow and fluffed up my hair to look feminine but not over the top. I dressed in white lace bikini panties, my white long sleeved peasant blouse, and a pair of very short white Levi cutoffs, and a pair of white sandals.

I carefully snuck down the stairs and around my apartment to my old truck. Not much going on at that time of day. Tina had left orders for me to get some pink high heels and I wanted to please her. As I drove, I felt my cock edge it’s way down my left and push out of my panties. It was strange to drive with my cock exposed like that. I drove to a small strip mall where there were 2 shoe shops.

I left my truck and carefully made my way to the stores. As I walked to the first store, I noticed that most of the sales people were women, so I just looked in the windows and passed the place, too nervous to go in.

I walked to the other end and met a couple of guys coming towards me. I had tucked my cock back in and snuggled my panties up to hold it. I tried to walk as femininely as I could. I could feel the guys looking at me, but nothing was said.

As I approached the other store, all I could think about was pleasing Tina. I studied the display windows and to my delite, there was an extremely pair of sandal toed pink platform heels. The heels were probably 5 and a half inches with one inch platforms. Just what I needed.

I nervously walked in and the place was deserted. I picked up the pink high heel and was studying it when a male voice said, “Do yo want to try on a pair?” I turned and just nodded. He was an older guy, maybe 50, nice looking in a dorky kind of way. He said to sit down and he would check my size. Damn, I hadnt expected that and my hope had been to grab, pay, and go. He was polite and showed me to a seat. I put my foot on the measuring tool and he got the measure. He came back with a couple of boxes and helped me into the first pair.

As I watched him fasten the buckles, I became self conscious. He stood up and asked how they felt. He said to walk a bit, which I did while watching myself in the mirror. Damn, they really made my legs look sexy.

The salesman said they looked a little big and suggested I drop half a size. So, as I switched sizes, I noticed my cock trying to escape ed my too-short cutoffs. The more I tried to control my harden, the bigger it got until it was poking out in my lace panties. The salesman noticed immediately and I almost started to cry. He said, “it’s ok, it’s ok. You look great. Dont worry about it. The shoes look perfect.” I stood up, feeling better about myself and I walked around the store, again watching myself in the mirrors. I told the salesman I would take them.

I paid at the register and the salesman, who had been very professional, asked if I would be interested in some sexy stuff left over in stock from when the place had been a high end women’s clothing store. I told him I didnt have more money. He motioned me to come to the rear of the store, telling me that I could have whatever I wanted, since he was going g to be thrown out anyway.

He asked me about the way I was dressed and my attraction to high hes. I told him some of my story as he searched thru boxes. He asked," Would you be interested In some crotchless panties?". I blushed and said sure. He handed me a whole box of assorted panties, threw on some thigh high nylons that were hanging on a display. He said there were more things, lingerie, and other stuff. As he searched, I asked again about paying him. He just smiled at me and said if I’d model the crotchless panties for him, that was payment enough.

So, as he was finding more things, I stepped out of my cutoffs and panties and slipped on a pair of white crotchless panties. There was no place for my cock to hide, so it just stood out. The salesman came off the ladder and turned around. There I stood, showing him my ass under the peasant blouse. I walked down the aisle and turned to walk back. He was speechless and as I approached him, I turned and took his hand and put it on my bottom. I reached over and touched his hardening cock thru his slacks. I asked him if I could suck his cock, but he didnt answer. So I unfastened his belt and let his pants and boxer shorts drop down around his ankles. As he looked out thru the curtain, I kissed his cock which jumped at my touch. I took it into my mouth, enjoying the texture and feeling as it hardened. I slowly sucked him, trying to make it as pleasant and erotic for him as possible. I moaned as I sucked him, pulling his cock free to beg for him to cum in my mouth, to feed me his cum. I dont think his wife was much into giving head, just from his reaction. He finally quivered and came in my mouth. I pulled back and opened my mouth to show him his cum in my mouth. He just stared at me, so I hungrily swallowed his load and went back to su king his cock, trying to get every drop of his warm cum out of him.

About that time, a couple of women came in and he hurriedly pulled up his pants and went out to great them. I put on my cutoffs and decided to wear the pink heels home, knowing that no normal woman would dress that way. As I walked out, the 2 older ladies looked up at me. I smiled and told the salesman thanks for the panties. I told him I’d be back and I walked out the door, feeling like the slut I was. Tina was going to be happy with her faggot cocksucker. I didnt even notice if there were people in the mall as I headed for my old truck.

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