Part 5

After that Friday night, I had to take a few nights off to rest up. I spent a lot of time reassuring myself that it hadnt been a dream. I couldnt believe how the local kids responded to me, no name calling, no disrespect. It was just fun and honest sex.

One evening, my phone rang and a famine voice asked if this was Miki. She said she was at the Friday night event and watched me. She said she was a friend of Tom’s. She said she was into some slightly kinky stuff and thought that I might enjoy it. I told her to tell me more. She asked if she could come over and I said OK. She said she would like to see me in makeup and lingerie if I didnt mind. Oh, I didnt mind at all.

I did a quick shower, did my enama, put on my slutty makeup, black teddies with garters, black thigh thighs, and my black 4" high heels. I just brushed my hair around to look as feminine as I could. As I looked in the mirror, I couldnt help but get turned on. I then put a sheer black top that came with the teddie. Just then, there was a knock. I was wondering if Tom would be coming as I opened the front door.

Instead of Tom or the girl, my Mom was standing there. Oh, fuck! How would I talk my way out of this. Mom said, "Mike, is that you, what are you wearing? What are you doing? " I mumbled something about being in a play at school or something. I dont think Mom bought a y of my story as sheooked around the room, spotting the huge vibrator on the table. Then she just back ked out the door and said she’d just tell my Dad I wasnt home. Then she left. I was fucked.

A few minutes later, another knock. I asked thru the door who it was and I heard, “this is Tina, I just called”. I opened the door and there was the cutest little brunette I had ever seen. She came in and said that i was pretty careful about the door. I told her how my Mom had just been there and I had opened the door dressed like I was. Tina got a big kick out of that as she handled my vibrator. She said she wished she had been there because she would have come up beside me with the vibrator and slipped it up my ass as my Mom watched. I told her she was nasty and we both laughed.

Tina said she was big and loved having sex with girls and doing nasty things with sissy guys. I asked, “Like fucking guys with a huge vibrator in front of his Mom?” She said, “Yeah, stuff like that.” Damn, I liked this girl.

Tina had dark stockings, high heels, and was wearing a short black trench coat. She asked if she could take it off and I told her that was fine. She took it off to show she was wearing all leather lingerie. Damn, she was sexy. She asked if I liked taking orders from a dominant woman. I didnt ready know what she meant. Wrong answer! She told me to step outside on the porch. She said Tom had told her about fucking mouth there. We both went out and she instructed me to bed over the rail. I did as she said and she kicked my legs apart and slid the huge vibrator into my ass. As she fucked me with it, she said this thing is really big. She asked if I could take it all a d plunged it all the way into me, holding it there while she reached around to stroke my cock. I dont know what that vibrator touched, but within 4 strokes, I shot my cum out I to that poor flowerbed.

Tina kept fucking me with it, then left it in me, vibrating away. She said, “Come inside, I wa t you to eat me. I saw you eat Sue after she had pulled the train and that was so sexy. I only had 4 guys fuck me tonight but I think you will enjoy all of my cum.” She played back on the bed and pulled off her sexy panties, which were covered with cum. She demanded that I suck the cum off them. I did as instructed, enjoying the white, frothy cum. Then she said, “Eat me, you fucking faggot.” I do t know why, but having a sexy bitch tell me to eat her wet pussy and then calling me names. With the vibrator still massaging my insides, i came again. We ended up with Tina sitting on my face with her pussy dripping the remaining cum into my mouth. Tina just told me to eat all of the cum and if i did a good job, i could be her bitch. This was fantastic.

She told me to dress tomorrow evening and she would pick me up and show me a good time. I asked what i should wear and she told me the pink nightie would be fine, along with some pink high heels. I told her I didnt have any and she said, “Get some.” Then she left.

Where were we going? I guess it did t matter. I’d go anyplace with Tina. I wanted to be her bitch.

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