Part 9

For the next few days, I tried to catch up on school work. Because my activities had distracted me, I was seriously behind. Tina called a couple of times, wanting to find someone to play with, but I had to tell her I was playing catchup at school. She got mad at me and told me I was supposed to be her sissy slave. I told her I was but she didnt seem to believe me.

Finally, a couple of weeks later, she called and demanded that I be ready to go back to the dorm. Since I was super horny, I said I could do it. She was still mad and told me it was about time I perform my duties. She said that she had been thinking about what had happened when my mother showed up unexpectedly. I told her I was sorry for not being a good sissy. She let it go.

Tina came by and went thru my lingerie. She picked out a black garter belt, black thigh highs,black crotchless panties, a sheer black see thru top that was like a mini dress. She said I should go super slutty with my makeup, really go for the whorish look. I asked wig or no wig? She said, no wig this time.

She picked me up the next afternoon and drove me to the boys dorm. On the way, she said she was still mad because I had not done as I had promised. She said she had to teach me a lesson. So I’m thinking, “this should be fun.”

She said she had gotten ahold of her friends at the school and she was sure we would have a bigger turnout. A bigger turnout? Last time we had over a hundred guys.

Tina pulled in and parked and ordered me out. She was obviously irritated. We walked to the auditorium, me following her. When we walked in, the place was packed. Tina told me to go back to the car and get the brandy glass from the trunk. All I could find was this huge glass, probably half a gallon. On the way back, a guy asked me if I was going to drink that much cum. I told him I’d try. He told me I was one fucked up faggot. I just smiled at him.

Tina was on the stage and she told me to hand the glass to the front row. As I looked around, there were a lot of female students mixed into the crowd. My cock got hard thinking of women watch me do my faggot stuff in front of them.

Someone had brought one of those leather covered exercise horses over and placed it in the middle of the stage. Tina ordered me to bend over it and a couple of her guys spread my legs and cuffed them on the corners, then they did my hands. I was completely helpless, but I was liking it. I heard Tina ask who’s first. She told the crowd that her faggot had been very bad and needed some serious punishment.

I felt a cock probing my ass and the crowd cheered. Then the fucking started. A cock was soon presented to my mouth, which I welcomed as I began sucking it. Camera flashes were going off as guy after guy took their turn, either getting a blowjob or fucking me. My only problem was I couldnt see much from my position. I could tell there was other things going on, I figured Tina was fucking guys she liked. She would feed me that cum later, I was sure.

The fucking continued much longer than before, the crowd roaring with every new cock. Finally, someone took off my restraints and I was allowed to stand up. Again, the audience responded, shooting and making cat-calls. Tina asked them if they wanted to see me fuck the black guy with the huge cock? The crowd yelled for more. The piano bench was brought out and I was ordered to lay back on it. The big guy strolled out from behind the curtain and was fully erect. The girls were no responding on their own, not believing that anyone could handle that much cock.

Tina walked over and announced that while the guys were having their way with me, she had fucked 41 guys. She asked if I had any idea how many cocks I had taken. I had no idea. She said 142 guys had fucked me and I had sucked 181 cocks.

She then said I was going to eat her pussy which was gushing cum as she straddled my face. As I started licking her dripping cunt, I felt my legs being lifted up on the black stud’s shoulders. My butt was also full of cum as he slowly pushed his cock into me. I could hear the women screaming for him to fuck the faggot, fuck the faggot. We probably performed for 20 minutes before Tina was satisfied. The cock was pulled from my ass and Tina whispered that I needed to beg for the big cock to be placed on my mouth. I begged, but she made me say it louder, and louder again. I got on my knees and took the cock into my mouth and wrapped both hands around it and sucked and jacked it off. Tina said I should beg for his cum. So I begged for it, begged him to feed me his cum. He finally shot his cum down my throat.

Tina helped me stand up, then asked the audience if they thought I’d had enough cum. Apparently, the answer was no, because one of the girls brought up the big brandy glass and handed it to me. As I looked at it, I could see there must have been half a gallon of white creamy cum in it. I didnt think I could possibly drink that much cum. Tina looked at me and said, “Drink it bitch! Drink that hot cum!” The audience started chanting ,“Drink it bitch! Drink that cum you fucking faggot!” I tipped the glass up with both hands and started guzzling that cum. Oh, I love cum! I stopped a couple of times for air but Tina told me to keep drinking, which I did. I was almost finished when Tina told the crowd we had special guests. I was finishing the last little bit when I heard Tina say, “My sister’s parents just showed up to watch their son in his latest performance.”

I looked up at the center doorway, and there were my Mom and Dad, looking at me in horror. The crowd erupted in a standing ovation. Tina took the glass from me and asked if I had anything to say to them. I watched them turn and rush out of the building in total disgust. I was too ashamed to try to catch them. I was a fucking cum slut and they had seen me do what I enjoyed doing, sucking cock, getting fucked, and drinking cum. And for some bizarre reason, I grabbed my cock and began jerking off in front of everyone until my cum splattered on the stage. Why did I do that? I dont know? I’m a slut is the only answer I could cum up with. A fucking slut.

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