Part 4

The rest of the week was a blur. I gathered up what I was going to wear. Things were complicated by the fact that I was constantly playing with the huge vibrator that the pretty teacher had given me, either practicing my deep throat skills or fucking my ass with it.

Friday night arrived and Tom called to tell me he’d be by at 8:00 to pick me up. I took a long shower, shaved my legs again, then douched and used my K-Y jelly in preparation for some serious ass fucking.

I dressed in the teacher supplied black garter belt, thigh high sheer black nylons, black bikini panties that I carefully split the crotch open, to allow easy access to my tender ass. I slipped into my sexy black high heels and then sat down to do my makeup. I went for a slightly sluttier look, with heavier eye shadow. I topped everything off with a long dark brown wig I had ordered. I decided to wear a very short black velvet mini dress with long puffy sleeves. Once satisfied, I stepped back onto the porch, to my favorite spot and slowly massaged my cock until I shot cum back into the flowerbed. I was now ready to go out with Tom and his friends.

I saw Tom pull in and went downstairs to meet him. I had forgotten about the teacher, who happened to be sitting on the lower porch. I didnt see her at first, but she scared me when she asked,“Got a hot date, honey?” I just smiled as I went by and she remarked,“Must be a lucky guy with that sexy outfit” That was encouraging.

Tom was standing by his van when I got there. He just said, “Damn, you look awesome.” He helped me step into the van, making sure he could fondle my ass again.

We drove into town and stopped at a group of vehicles in front of an alley. Kids were wandering around, joking and doing what young college kids do. Tom helped me out of the van, which was the base for much of the nights activities.

Tom introduced me to his curious friends, welcoming me to their group. Tom and I were making out while people watched, with him lifting up my dress to expose my bare thighs above the nylons. That was making me very hot. I wanted to suck Tom’s cock or to have him fuck me, right there by the van.

I whispered into Tom’s ear that I wanted his cock, then I nibbled his ear lobe. I sat down in the slider side door and pulled Tom’s cock out. With 6 or 7 guys watching, I began to suck my first cock of the night. I sucked Tom’s cock like I had sucked the teacher’s vibrator, deep throating his marvelous cock. He shot a load of cum into my mouth, which I showed our audience. Tom asked, “Who else wants the best head they ever had,” and I soon had another erect penus between my lips.

I sucked any of Tom’s friends that were willing, which turned out to be all of them. A couple of girls came by and watched and one of them asked how they were supposed to compete with a slut like that. Tom said it would be tough, because I wasnt even a girl. The girls stepped up closer to see what I was doing. I finished the cock I was one, pulled back and opened my mouth to show them the load of cum on my tongue. I swallowed, opened my mouth to show them the cum was down my throat. I looked at them and said,“i like cum.” One of them said, “it looks like it, bitch.” I just smiled.

Some new guys showed up after hearing what was happening by the van. I sucked some more cock, ate some more cum, this was being a great night. More girls were there watching and making sexy comments as I satisfied the growing group.

Then I heard Tom ask if anyone wanted to see his “girlfriend” fucked. It sounded like a football game from the whistling and yelling. Tom stepped up and helped me bend over into the van. With everyone watching, he flipped my short dress up over my waist, showing the garter belt and panties. I whispered they were crotchless and for him to ease his cock into me. He did as I instructed and began making love to my ass. He seemed to enjoy being watched as he co tuned to fuck me. He finally came in me and pulled out. Another guy took his place, then another, each depositing their hot cream in my ass.

I heard someone say ,“Hey, Sue is pulling a train a few cars up.” Wow I had gotten a girl so turned on that she was following my example. I knew I had fucked at least 30 guys but I wanted to watch this “Sue girl”. I pulled my dress down and took Tom’s arm th walk over.

Sue was a small, cute blonde and was really satisfying the guys. After watching her do 3 guys, there was a break in the action. She was completely naked in the back of somebodies Mama’s car. Someone pointed out her seriously cum-filled pussy. It looked so inviting and Tom said I should eat it. I had never been with a girl but I wasted no time getting between Sue’s legs. I could see the cum dripping from her sexy pussy and brought my lips to her tender lips. I kissed her pussy, I licked her pussy, the taste of all that cum driving me crazy. She had cum running down the crack of her ass and I ate that too. Sue was moaning loudly and the crowd was egging us on as I devoured her. When I had finished, Sue thanked me,saying she had never had an orgasm in her life. I pulled her out of the car and pulled her naked body close and we kissed. I had remnants of cum on my lips and tongue and I let her taste it. Without saying a word, Sue knelt in front of me and lifted my dress to expose my hard cock. She took my cock into her warm mouth and started sucking. I had almost forgotten we had an audience and found myself highly turned on. Then I came, one shot of cum after another. Sue took it all, then stood up and kissed me. She hadnt swallowed my come and she used her tongue to feed me my own cum. The crowd definitely liked that.

I had found people that liked what I did and the way I looked. I was happy.

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