Part 3

A few days after meeting Tom, he called and wanted to know if we were still on for Friday night. I told him I was very excited about being nasty with him. He asked if I was serious about meeting some of his friends and told him I was definitely serious. He asked if he could come over in a little bit and I said that would be great.

I quickly cleaned up and shaved, to be nice and smooth for him. I even touched, just in case and carefully filled my ass with K-Y jelly, hoping Tom was serious about fucking me. Better to be prepared than not. I put on my makeup, wanting to be as sexy as possible for my new guy.

Tom knocked on my door and I opened it for him. He looked at me and said I was even prettier in the light. He came in and I hugged him and kissed him gently, which he returned a little more passionately. I was wearing a long sleeved white peasant blouse over black bikini panties and my high heels.

We sat on the bed and talked about my experiences since I had moved to the apartment. We laughed and talked for a couple of hours. He liked the story of me stealing the teachers pink babydoll nightie. He also like the story of me standing on the porch jacking off.

Tom asked me if I would get naked, except for the 4 inch heels and step out onto the porch. I asked him, “Really” and he said he would like to see me that way. So I agreed, taking off the top then the panties. I stepped closer to Tom and he kissed me again while fondling my bare bottom. Mmmm, this felt so good. Then he bent to kiss my nipples which was also a turn on. He turned me around and pushed me towards the door to the porch. I stepped out, enjoying the cool evening air on my silky body. My cock immediately got hard from being naked in public. Just then, Tom stepped up behind me. I felt his warm and naked body against me. I could feel his cock hardening between my legs. I turned to embrace and kiss him, then dropped down to his hard cock. I opened my mouth to accept its mushroom head and began to suck him. Cars were driving by in the darkness, nobody imagining what was going on in my apartment. This thought turned me on and I sucked him faster, pulling his cock as far into my mouth as it would go, until his balls were against my chin. Tom moaned softly and began to gently fuck my mouth. He came shortly, filling my mouth with his hot cum. I pulled my mouth off his cock and stood up. I opened my mouth to show him my mouthful of cum, then I swallowed it all, then kissed him again.

Tom hugged me, groping my ass as he did. He said, “You are all juicy back there.” I asked if he wanted to fuck me and I turned around and bent over the rail, spreading my legs as I did. Tom stepped up behind me, hard again, and slowly pushed his cock into the moistness of my horny ass. Oh, it had been such a long time since I had been fucked that I enjoyed every inch of my lovers cock. Tom was fucking me deeply and my cock was ready to explode.

Just then, the school teacher appeared at the corner of the house, heading to the front steps. I knew we should stop but I didnt want to. Tom continued fucking me as I watched my neighbor start up the steps. At that point, I just lost it and began to cum like I never had, gushing load after load out and down into the flower bed. But no one apparently noticed and Tom suddenly came, filling my ass with more cum. I liked having cum in my ass, so wet and slippery.

Tom got dressed and kissed me before leaving. I sat in my apartment, relishing the evenings fun. But just then, someone knocked on my door. Shit, I was still in makeup and high heels. I pretended to not be there but a feminine voice said,“I know you’re in there. This is your neighbor and I’m not leaving until you open the door.” So, I slowly cracked the door and she asked to come in. I told her I wasnt dressed and she said she was quite aware of that fact. She then told me she had seen me and my boyfriend on the porch, having sex. She handed me a bag and said there were some things I could have, mostly old lingerie she no longer wore. She said when cars came by in front of the house, she saw me with the guy, clearly naked and clearly having sex. She said that was a good way to get arrested and to just be careful. Then she went back to her apartment.

I opened the bag and dumped out the contents. There were panties and bras, several negligee, a garter belt and 3 pairs of thigh high nylons. In the mix was a long white box, I opened it to find a large life-like vibrator. There was a note saying, “Have fun!”

I put the fake cock to my lips, imagining that this had been in the sexy teachers pussy. I slid it deep into my mouth, all 10 inches of it. I gagged a few times but I finally got it all the way into my throat and as I fucked my mouth with it, I stroked my cock to another orgasm. I was having fun with it, just like the teacher said.

I put on the pink nightie top and went to bed with the teachers toy, turning on the vibrators buzzing shape. I drifted off to sleep being fucked by her toy, imagining what she would think of her faggot neighbor………

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