Part 17

I healed extremely well and I loved my new tits. Billie had started his female therapy and was starting to look amazingly feminine. We were laying by the pool, both of us wearing just very skimpy bikini bottoms and high heels. My suit was white and Billie’s was hot red. I asked Billie if she had ever told her Mom what he was doing. She said she hadnt gotten up the nerve to tell her that her baby boy was living as a girl. He said his parents were divorced, so he didnt have to face an angry father. I laughed. I asked if he had thought about being honest with his mother, that he might feel better.

I continued to press Billie to meet his mother as Billie. He finally agreed. I told her she better call first and let her know you have a secret to share. He agreed, then asked if I would go along.

We got into Billie’s red Corvette and drove to her mother’s house. Billie was very nervous but I told her it would be alright. Billie knocked on the door and Billie’s mom opened the door, looking at 2 cute girl standing on the step. She recognized me, then just stared at Billie’s feminine face. Finally, she asked, “Billy? Billy, is that really you?” Billie said it was, that he was now “Billie”, a sexy girl, living as a female, working as a female. Billie’s mom was starting to cry and said she had always wondered about Billy’s sexuality. She said she was more comfortable with Billy being female rather than being a guy having sex with guys.

Then, she asked me if I was also born a boy and I told her I was. She said i was too pretty to be a boy and said i looked so feminine and my breasts were very natural. I told her Billie was going to get breast enhancement surgery. She asked if we were a couple, and i looked at Billie and said," I guess we are". Billie bent over and we kissed. His mom seemed to be accepting as we sat together. She asked if we wanted some tea and went to fix some. I let my hand slip under Billie’s short dress and was shocked to find he had a hard cock. I started stroking it while he talked to his mom in the kitchen. I felt his body tense and she came right there on her mom’s couch. I quickly grabbed a tissue and cleaned his wet cock before her Mom came back.

On the way back to our place, I asked if he wanted to meet an old friend? He asked what kind of friend and I told him it was a guy I met while shoe shopping. We drove to the shoe store at the mall. We walked in together, getting a lot of attention from the guys we passed. We walked up to the shoe store and walked in. My friend was setting up a display when I walked up and said," Hi, remember me?" My friend was wearing a name tag, Nick. I gave him a hug and introduced Billie. Nick told me his wife almost divorced him when she caught us having sex. I asked how he managed to escape that. He said it had been close. His wife was really pissed but the fact I was not a woman, she felt a tiny bit better but he was never supposed to repeat the act.

So, I asked Nick, “So, you wouldnt let Billie suck your cock?” He didnt really have an answer so I added that Billie wasnt a woman, and she would love to suck your cock. Billie stepped forward and gave Nick a peck on the cheek and her hand found the outline of his hardening cock in his slacks. I told them to step into the rear and I would watch the store. They disappeared behind the curtain just as a tall, good looking guy came in. I asked if i could help him and he said he needed a pair of work boots. I asked the size and went into the back, where Nick was getting a very thorough blowjob from Billie. I told Nick what I needed and he pointed at the shelf behind me.

I went back to my customer and told him to sit down. I sat on the fitters chair, spreading my legs slightly to show my thong panties. I was slipping the boot on and I looked up to see my customer looking at my new tits. My nipples got hard at the new attention. After being satisfied with his boot selection, I walked over to the shoe liner rack and bent over, keeping my legs straight and showing him my long legs and my ass. I walked back and he asked for another pair, so I repeated the move. I could tell he was incredibly attracted and asked if he needed anything else. He ended up picking out 4 pairs of shoes. I walked into the back and discovered Billie with her dress pushed up over her sexy bottom and ick fucking her furiously. I went back out front and asked my customer if he wanted to see something really hot. I led him back and he saw Nick fucking Billie. I saw his cock hardening and unzipped his Levi’s and pulled his cock free. I knelt in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked him for several minutes until Nick came in Billie’s ass. I told my customer my friend would enjoy fucking him. I directed him over and guided his cock into Billie’s cum-filled butt. He wasted no time before he was fucking her, saying that this was the tightest pussy he e er fucked, it realizing it was Billie’s ass he was fucking. When they had finished,, I kissed Billie on her sexy lips as the 2 guys watched. Nick thanked me for selling the guy all of the shoes and said if I ever needed a job, to just call him. He gave willie a big hug and that led her for the fun time.

We left the store and as we walked thru the mall, picked up a group of guys following us. Billie looked at me and whispered," I have cum running down my thighs". As the guys followed, I reached under her skirt and ran my hand up between her ass cheeks, while lifting he dress up to expose her cute ass to the guys. I let my hands massage her tender asshole and brought my cum-covered fingers out. I turned to look at the guys and brought my wet fingers to my mouth and licked the cum off. I repeated the touching and cum eating as the guys continued to watch. We walked out to Billie’s red Corvette and left before the guys got to us. I looked at Billie and asked if she had fun. She said it had been a wonderful day. We drove home to enjoy the rest of the evening.

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