Part 16

Over the next couple of weeks, I coached Billie about what was expected if her. I knew that she had not had any anal activity and I needed to fix that. So, one evening, I took a collection of vibrators to Billie’s apartment. We sat on her bed and started making out. She had really gotten very good applying her makeup and looked very feminine. We started getting more serious and I had Billie lay back on the bed, spreading her legs for me. I started sucking her cock and as she got more and more excited, I slipped one of the lubricated vibrators into her ass. It didnt take much of the buzzing action to make her cum. I sucked down her cum, like I liked. As we layed there, I introduced her to my other toys. As the size increased, Billie took them with ease, begging for more and more. I got between Billie’s legs and slid my cock into her. There we were, both in sexy lingerie with me fucking my new trainee.

Everyday, we spent the day making love, always ending with me using my huge vibrator in her sexy ass. She was really getting into having a huge cock replica in her ass.

Harold came back from his trip and I arranged to bring Billie to an interview the next morning. I told Billie to dress in her French maid dress in the morning.

Billie and I went to meet with Harold, both of us dressed in matching outfits. Harold interviewed Billie and seemed pleased. He asked if she understood that she might be requested to perform sexual activities while acting as a hostess. She said she understood. I looked at her and said, “Eat me, you sexy slut.” Billie pushed me back on the overstuffed leather couch and slid down between my legs and started by sucking my cock before turning her attention to my ass. Harold seemed to enjoy the show as Billie’s tongue fucked my ass. Finally, I stood up and pulled my dress and petticoats up, exposing my hard cock, I pushed Billie down to my cock, grabbed the sides of her head and started fucking her mouth. As our boss watched, I shot my cum into her mouth, which she swallowed.

Needless to say, Billie got the job. We were a nice pair, me with big brown eyes and brown hair, Billie had bright blue eyes and beautiful blond hair. We would definitely bring something new to our bosses special meetings.

The next week, I had my breast implant surgery. I was a little sore and bruised but I was happy. My new boobies were not huge, but very natural looking. I was very happy with them and couldnt wait to heal up so I could flaunt them.

While I was recuperating, Billie got to host one small meeting. Harold told me she did a great job and asked if it would be alright to furnish her with a car of her own. I told him I thought that would be a wonderful surprise. I suggested that a red Corvette, matching my white one would be pretty sexy. Harold laughed and told me it was a done deal, his two girls would have complimenting cars. I told him that she had asked about breast enhancement, like mine. Harold said that would be perfect, again, he liked the idea of his two girls had matching tits.

A couple of days later, Harold called us to his office. I showed him my new boobies and thanked him. He looked at Billie and asked, “Would you like some oobies like Miki?” She looked at my tits and told Harold she would love some. Harold told her she had earned them and that he had another surprise. We walked outside and there was her new Corvette, parked next to mine. Billie gave me a big hug and kissed me. I told her that Harold had bought her the car and he should get the hug. She rushed to Harold and gave him a nice hug, then ran to her new car and slipped behind the wheel. She was very happy.

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