Part 14

The next month went well. I was taking my female hormone pills and getting weekly hormone shots. My body was changing, getting softer, my nipples were getting bigger and way more sensitive. Harold’s secretary had found me an understanding beauty salon and my hair was getting longer and more feminine looking. I hadnt had any new lovers and I needed one. I was horny and craved a cock to suck. I had driven around town, and while I got a lot of looks, no guys. Harold had been travelling so there were no visitors at the house.

I decided I’d visit the local adult store, there had to be horny guys there. I dressed in a super short slutty dress, red in color, showing a lot of cleavage, since I was starting to have some. I put on a pair of 6 inch platform heels, like a hooker would wear.

I drove to the adult store and got out, pulled my dress down and walked in. The guy at the counter asked if he could help me. I looked around, not many guys, so I told him I wanted to suck cock. He just looked at me, then pointed down the hall. He said there was one room with a glory hole. He said to go in and put my hand on the opening.

I did as he said. This was a very clean place and a tv screen showing porn. I heard the door open in the next cubicle and then a nice hard cock appeared thru the opening. I stroked it a few times, then put my mouth over it thinking, this is what I need. I sucked until the cock filled my mouth with cum. The cock disappeared and as I was getting ready to leave, another hard cock came thru the hole. I sucked cock all afternoon, getting my fill of cum.

As I left the stall, I was greeted by a hall full of guys, guys I had sucked. One of them asked if I would like to fuck. I asked if he cared that I wasnt really a woman? He said it didnt matter to him and asked if anyone else minded. No complainers, so the first guy led me down the hall to a large room with a bed in the middle.

I took of my dress and panties, but kept on the garter belt, nylons, and stripper heels. The guy was naked by then and pushed me back on the bed, spread my legs and I helped his cock find my asshole. The room was full of horny guys, watching as the guy fucked me like a mania . It was great. When he finished, another guy mounted up, also fucking me and shooting his cum into me. I guess I fucked 20 guys but as I layed there, I noticed a cute young guy watching. I motioned him over but he just stood there. I asked his name and he said it was Billy. I told Billy I wanted him to eat me. He protested pointing out that it was my butt and it was full of cum. I licked my lips and reached down and ran my fingers over my wet opening, then licking my fingers. I again told Billy to eat me. The other guys grabbed illy and picked him up and carried him to my dripping asshole. They held him there and again, I told Billy to eat me. The guys pushed his face between my legs and I could feel his hot breath on my inner thighs. I reached down and pulled his face into my wetness, again telling him to eat me. He started licking sloy, but as he got to tasting my cum, he started licking faster and deeper. The guys let him go so they could watch and he continued eating me. His tongue was sliding deep into my ass, getting every drop of cum. I actually told him he could stop and he continued until I was clean.

I told him I’d like to watch him suck a cock. He didnt offer much resistance and he was soon on his knees, sucking several of the hard cocks presented to him.

Billy was small, like me, and very cute, blond hair and light completed with big blue eyes. I asked the guys if they thought I should teach Billy to be a slut like me. Billy’s eyes were wide open as I asked him if he wanted to be a slut like me? He just nodded his head, without uttering a word. I then told him it wss settled. He would be my bitch and do what he was told. He would suck cock and get fucked whenever i told him.

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